For someone that loves to write I kind of suck at these "about me" things so I'm going to keep it short with a few random facts.

1.Tomorrow, October 30 2012 I turn 44. I don't feel 44... Or act 44... And, at least in my mind, I don't look 44 (if you ever see me wearing mom jeans - punch me). 

2. I always wanted a big, happy family and boy did I get it! 13 of us including the 2 dogs and 2 cats.

3.I am madly in love with a man named John. 
He tells corny jokes and has the worst taste in music -ever-... BUT- he has pretty blue eyes, soft lips, warm skin, strong hands and a kind heart... Plus he gives me butterflies. When a man gives you butterflies, make sure you keep him. That's your bodies way of telling you it's true love. When it's true love you can work through anything (regardless of how much your blue eyed guy might infuriate you at times). 

4. By day, I teach people facing the onset of chronic disease how to live healthy. By night, I run a few on-line business (which I've been neglecting). 

5. I live in Florida where it's hot and humid 10 out of 12 months. Still, there are some good points, like being 45 minutes from the east coast (sunrise) and about 90 minutes from the west (sunset)... And being able to kayak on a lagoon surrounded by manatee, porpoise, wild birds and, my favorite, cabbage white butterflies- pretty much year round.

6. In reference to this blog: I have a deep fondness for style, design, food/wine. thrifting, photography, music, romance, adventure, different cultures, dynamic people and healthy positive living (life is a gift to be savored). This is my little place to store ideas relating to the above listed and share them with like minded people. 

7. (Because everyone should have a lucky number 7 in their list) My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to hear my kids call me mom ... And now my sweet grandson call me grandma. Coolest. Sound. Ever. 

Hello and welcome. 

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